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Chrome extension to enable Twitch radio mode in web

Twitch Radio Mode Chrome Extension

Thanks for installing Twitch Radio Mode browser extension. This extension for web browser lets users play the stream in radio mode.


After installing the extension, go to a Twitch channel webpage. You will see a radio icon next to the volume slider in the video player area.

Radio mode button

Clicking the icon will start playing the audio_only stream, and the icon becomes yellow.

Radio mode on

The volume can be adjusted in the same way as the video, using the same volume slider.

If you want to pause, just click the radio icon one more time. The audio will automatically stop if the video is played.


The extension can be installed in Chrome Web Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this extension in a recorded video, like past broadcasts, highlights, clips, etc?

This extension only works for a livestream.

Can I collect channel points with this extension?

No, you cannot collect channel points if the video is not played.

I cannot use radio mode in the main page.

For now, the extension only works in the streamer’s channel page.

The radio mode button is disabled when I clicked it.

I apologize for the error. Unfortunately, the only workaround I know is to refresh the page.

This is a known issue and I could not find a solution yet. It happens when you click the button 20 minutes after the stream is loaded.